Instructions for use Bioretin

Cream-Mask Bioretin is an effective method for rejuvenation of the face, which is a simple way to use. Despite the relatively low price, the effect of the drug lasts much longer than the effect of expensive Salon procedures. Apply the cream-mask Bioretin twice a day – morning and evening. For optimal results, requires the use of the funds within 5-6 weeks. Cream-mask can be used to different types of skin. The Tool is well-moisturizes dry skin and reduces the oiliness of the problematic intercession.

Peculiarities of application of the cream Bioretin

To ensure the best possible results requires strict adherence to the instruction manual that comes along with the medium. There are such important moments:

  • for starters, carefully clean the skin with mild soap (after treatment you must wash the skin with warm running water);
  • DAB the treated areas with a soft sponge or cloth;
  • you give a small amount of cream-mask on the top of the Phalanx of the Finger;
  • apply the product massaging movements on the face and the upper part of the neck;
  • massage the skin until full Absorption of the cream (the eyes should be very careful so that the Tool on the cornea);
  • after the complete Absorption of the mask, you can apply decorative cosmetics.

This medicine is totally natural, therefore no allergic reactions and has no side effects. In the case of the cream Bioretin no contraindications (except individual intolerance to the components), so that you can enjoy even pregnant and lactating women.